We specialise in sustainability consulting and assessment for the events industry, including operations, custom builds and live events.
Our project
We achieve high impact, design-led projects that have a negligible footprint through trained expertise and our own customised impact management process.

While we don’t believe that any event can truly be 'carbon neutral’, we carefully measure the emissions for every element of our projects in order to track and improve the impacts. We then ask our clients to contribute to the mitigation of their event's impacts through carefully selected carbon reduction projects.

We have expertise in carbon accounting, eco operations, policy planning and on-the-ground implementation of sustainability practices. Our solutions provide commercial efficiencies and competitive advantage enabling businesses to also create valuable social and economic benefit.

We are also Climate Active Registered Consultants which allows us to certify events against the Australian Government’s Carbon Neutral Standard.



This service  focuses on understanding and further developing your sustainability goals, setting targets and delivering a tailored action plan to produce outcomes that reduce your impact on the planet..

Scope Development
We first assess the initial project requirements and evaluate your desired sustainability objectives and outcomes.

Solutions Proposal
Then we develop a solutions proposal tailored to the scope and includes action plans for:

• measurable goals & targets
• operations solutions
• marketing & comms
• policy & procedures

Finally Implementation of the proposal will be rolled out across the project timeline with continued involvement and review as required.


This service measures your total carbon impact, provides a detailed assessment of emissions, and facilitates carbon offset and formal certification. Consulting and Auditing can be engaged independently or in conjunction with each other.

Carbon Calculation
The first phase of the audit encompasses a definition of the impact boundary and a review of material life cycle and supplier procurement.

Data collection and analysis then provides accurate measures for the calculation of the carbon emissions inventory

Findings Assessment
Once calculated, a findings assessment will report the carbon impact summary, offset requirements and options for future solutions.

Project Certification
An offset purchase certificate along with plantation program details will be provided and a Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification can also be delivered pending engagement.